Foxtrot presentation June 07 2008

Today Foxel was presenting QuixkFox kernel 2 'Foxtrot' on English. Here you can 'Watch' it :)
So be quiet and listen ;)

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Good morning.
Today I want to tell you about Foxtrot kernel - the main part of my 'QuickFox 2' software project.

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World Wide Web... It became very common for us just to make a couple of clicks when we want to find any information. When you open your favorite FireFox, Opera or even IExplorer, type or or open up your bookmarks your computer sends a special request to internet to find server by the address you typed...

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Then your PC connects to server and requests the information and server gives its response based on lots of data stored on server and transmitted by client.
What is server? Server is a PC constantly connected to the internet and software controlling this PC. Here you can see common Client-Server relations. Server's behavior is controlled by program usually written on scripting language. Scripting platform provides some basic functions to process lots of simple operations. More complex functions and algorithms are implemented by the script.

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So what is Foxtrot? Foxtrot is a server script framework providing lots of specialized complex data processing algorithms. Using such framework simplifies server script developing because developer no longer need to build common interfaces and can concentrate on implementing whole program behavior.

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Foxtrot kernel provides lots of common interfaces and data processors. You no longer need to worry about client request data preprocessing, response post processing or database query preparing, all you need is to get or put sets of data to corresponding interface. Foxtrot also provides extended session handling, data caching, great template based page rendering engine and many more cool things. Foxtrot parses data according to server configuration and you don't need to worry about it.

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Foxtrot is module-based. Every interface or parser represented by one object providing its data processing methods. Module linking and loading is controlled by root object 'Kernel 2'. When you link Foxtrot to your script it automatically loads its base most useful modules. These interfaces are highly interconnected and provide powerful data processing platform.

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Foxtrot also have a set of additional specialized modules constantly registered in kernel and can be loaded at any time. These modules provide some special functions like e-mail sending, image processing or data encryption. And of course you can write your own module and use it with Foxtrot.

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This picture shows common dataflow paths inside Foxtrot based system. As you can see almost all data transmitted through Foxtrot modules. So that is Foxtrot who worries about data format processing. Top level scripts and modules use kernel to process data and only implement complex behavior of the program.

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I told you that Foxtrot worries about server configuration itself. Of course Foxtrot requires some basic software installed on you server. But all this requirements are pretty silly. Even free hosting offers provide such software set.

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Foxtrot is cool, but where is it used now? Now I use it to build up a flexible CMS 'QuickFox'. I think Foxtrot is very useful and will distribute it as standalone framework for web-developers. So everyone can use it.

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Well I told you everything I wanted to. Of course I can tell you much more about Foxtrot or QuickFox. So if you want to know more, feel free to ask or mail me later.

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Thank you!
P.S. Foxel got an A (10/10) on English for this presentation :)

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